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Here are some photos from the "Freedom University, held recently at GSU

Freedom University


Police Violence Project

Today, we launch The Police Use of Force Project, examining the ways in which police departments' use of force policies help to enable police violence. Visit the website at UseOfForceProject.org.

The Police Use of Force Project expands upon our initial recommendations in the "Limit Use of Force" section of our comprehensive platform to end police violence, Campaign Zero.

Our analysis discovered that police department use of force policies often fail to include common sense limits on how and when police use force against civilians. Most police departments in our analysis did not have policies that require officers to de-escalate situations, when possible, or refrain from using life-threatening moves such as chokeholds. Fewer than half require officers to intervene when they witness another officer using excessive force. And several of the nation's largest police departments don't even make their use of force policies public.

Our analysis also shows that while many police departments have adopted value statements claiming to prioritize the preservation of life, their actual use of force policies do not reflect this commitment. For example, while Baltimore City Police Department's use of force policy claims protecting life is its "highest priority," their training manual explicitly instructs officers, when deemed appropriate, to shoot unarmed civilians, recommending that police shoot areas of the body where it is most likely to result in death.

Review the latest study of police use of force policies by visiting UseofForceProject.org and also become familiar with the police use of force policy in your respective city. We have created the first comprehensive public database of police use of force policies and it is important that you familiarize yourself with them.




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Guests featured on our past shows, with links to audio (mp3)

February 10; hour 1

The Union of Atomic Scientists on the Doomsday Clock

February 10, 2018; hour 1

February 10; hour 2

Rev. William Barber on oor Peoples' Campaing and the Trump/Pence Travesty

February 10, 2018; hour 2

Gebruary 3; hour 1

State of the White National Union; Remembiering the Reagan Contradictions

February 3, 2018; hour 1

February 3, hour 2

War on the Environmental Protection Agency

February 2, 2018; hour 2

January 27th, hour 1

King in the Wilderness; Southerners on New Ground

January 27, 2018; hour 1

January 27, hour 2

Trump and the Koch Boys; American Facism

January 27, 1018; hour 2

January 20th, hour 1

The Second Women's March: fouc on voting rights

January 20, 2018; hour 1

January 20th, hour 2

Film Review: "The Rape of Recy Taylor"; Daniel Blackman on the Environment

January 20, 2018; hour 2

January 12th, hour 1

MLK Celebration ala Pooh-brained DJTrump

January 13, 2018; hour 1

Januaey 13th, hour 2

All the Democcracy Money Can Buy; Poor Peoples' Camp; Green Energy for Atlanta

Janauary 13, 2018; hour 2

January 6; hour 1

"Fire and Fury", and "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump"

January 6, 2018; hour 1

January 6; hour 2

This is what freedom looks like!  -- NAACP; and those polar vortexes

January 6, 2018; hour 2

December 29th, hour 1

Closing out 2017 with liv gurests: Richard Rose, Atlanta NAACP President

December 30, 2017; hour 1

December 29th, hur 2

Closing out 2017 with live guests: Marshall Rancifer, Atlant Homeless Advocate

December 30, 3017; hour 2

Dec. 23, hur 1

U. S. as World Champion of Extreme Inequality

December 23, 2017; hour 1

Dec. 23, hour 2

Puerto Rico's Dead; "Nature Bats Last"

December 23, 2017; hour 2

ec. 16, hour 1

Bravo! Doug Jones and Alabama

December 16, 2017; hour 1

Dec. 16, hour 2

Impeach Trump Now!

Deembever 16, 2017; hour 2

December 9th, hour 1

Trump, and his billionaires buddies, have a tax bill to smile about.

December 9, 2017; hour 1

December 9th, hour 2

Danny Glover on the Koch boys, their favorite DJ, California Fires, and Climate Change

December 9. 2017; hour 2


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