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Here are some photos from the "Freedom University, held recently at GSU

Freedom University


Police Violence Project

Today, we launch The Police Use of Force Project, examining the ways in which police departments' use of force policies help to enable police violence. Visit the website at UseOfForceProject.org.

The Police Use of Force Project expands upon our initial recommendations in the "Limit Use of Force" section of our comprehensive platform to end police violence, Campaign Zero.

Our analysis discovered that police department use of force policies often fail to include common sense limits on how and when police use force against civilians. Most police departments in our analysis did not have policies that require officers to de-escalate situations, when possible, or refrain from using life-threatening moves such as chokeholds. Fewer than half require officers to intervene when they witness another officer using excessive force. And several of the nation's largest police departments don't even make their use of force policies public.

Our analysis also shows that while many police departments have adopted value statements claiming to prioritize the preservation of life, their actual use of force policies do not reflect this commitment. For example, while Baltimore City Police Department's use of force policy claims protecting life is its "highest priority," their training manual explicitly instructs officers, when deemed appropriate, to shoot unarmed civilians, recommending that police shoot areas of the body where it is most likely to result in death.

Review the latest study of police use of force policies by visiting UseofForceProject.org and also become familiar with the police use of force policy in your respective city. We have created the first comprehensive public database of police use of force policies and it is important that you familiarize yourself with them.

Georgia Poised to Pass Unconstitutional “No Justice” Bill

ATLANTA GA – Although demand for prosecutorial accountability is increasing nationwide in cases where victims ar
e shot by police, Georgia may replace normal grand jury investigations with a prosecutor controlled review. The review
can shield Georgia “peace officers” from a standard investigation at a cost of justice for potential victims. The legislature
is rushing to pass a new bill despite lacking power over grand jury procedures under the Constitution [Art I, Sec I,
Para XI] It all started after a 2015 in depth study found that at least 171 Georgians have been killed by law enforcement
officials and none of them were prosecuted. That investigative series found many of the victims that were killed had no
criminal record, were unarmed, shot in the back and/or murdered after officers broke into their homes. The study
concluded that unfairness in the investigations resulted from prosecutorial misconduct and current unequal double
standards that shield Georgia “peace officers” when they are investigated by a grand jury for serious crimes. The
purpose of a grand jury is to determine whether there is probable cause to charge a person with a crime, not to determine
guilt or innocence in a mini-trial. Georgia is the only state in the union where officers have a special right to testify when
being investigated by a grand jury. No other Georgia citizens have such a right. The officer must be notified of the
investigation, is allowed to listen to the entire hearing and can have an attorney present. No other state has such a double
standard because it violates equal protection clauses of the U.S. and state constitutions including the one for Georgia.
[GA: Art I, Sec I, Para II] In February, Rep. Rich Golick and special prosecutor Chuck Spahos introduced HB941,
which retained the special officer testimony that is denied to other Georgia citizens. They claimed HB941 would
“dial back” double standards by prohibiting officers from being present during the investigation and forcing them
to be cross-examined. However, VoterGa Senate committee testimony showed that their original bill achieved neither
goal since it did not prohibit officer presence and allowed them to avoid answering all questions. A Senate substitute
bill made minor changes but left in place the new unconstitutional double standards that are even worse than existing
Georgia law. When a request was made during testimony for legislative counsel to give an opinion as to whether or
not the bill is constitutional, Chairman Jesse Stone refused. Several HB941 procedures were employed in a special i
nvestigation into the murder of David Hooks in Dublin Georgia. The special prosecutor and HB941 procedures failed
to return any indictment in the Hooks case. In that case, a Laurens County deputy acted almost solely on the word of
a burglar and meth addict who robbed Mr. Hooks home two days earlier. He obtained a search warrant for a late night
break-in for the home of Teresa and David Hooks. Hooks was a military contractor with a security clearance and a
grandfather with no criminal history. Mr. Hooks was shot 17 times, including twice in the back while lying face down
on the floor. The prosecutor who issued no indictments in the Hook murder is the man responsible for much of the
HB941 bill language, Chuck Spahos. Consequently HB941 has been dubbed by victim advocates as the “No Justice
for David Hooks” bill. Spahos was also involved in 3 bills last year that attempted to legalize no knock search warrant
s in Georgia code for the first time.

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May 13, hour 1

Cutting CDC funding; mythical drug wars; and Rev. Dr. Francys Johnson of GA NAACP

May 13, 2017; hour 1

May 13, hour 2

Black Mamas' Bailout Day!

May 13, 2017; hour 2

May 6th, jour 1

National Moma's Day bailout! Akiva Friedlin on Georgia's private probation system

May 6, 2017; hour 1

May 5, hour 2

Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Lovett Thompson

May 6, 2017; hour 2

April 29th, hour 1

People's Climate March; Trump's cuts to HIV/AIDS funding

April 29, 2017; hour 1

April 29th, hour 2

May Day!  Jobs with Justice. Deborah Small on Breaking the Chains

April 29, 2017; hour 2

April 22nd

Jim Hansen on climate; Azadeh Shahshahani on Knowing your Rghts; Pastor Glasow on the Drug Policy Alliance

April 22, 2017 (only one hour of audio available)

April 15th, hour 1

Trump:  Do your math!!

April 15, 2017; hour 1

April 15th, hour 2

Bernie Sanders, Vicent Fort (plus the APD's war on Balcks)

April 15, 2017; hour 2

April 8th, hur 1

Noam Chomsky: Racing towards the precipice; Snoop Dog; Jennifer Hynes

April 8, 2017; hour 1

April 8th, hour 2

Asha Bandele on No More Drug Wars; Carl Dix on Refusing Fascism

April 8, 2017; hour 2

April 1, hour 1

Poeple's Climate March

April 1, 2017; hour 1

April 1, hur 2

Larry Pelligrini: GA Lobby Watch

April 1, 2017; hour 2

March 25th, hour 1

Michell Alexander on King's Speech at Riverside Church; Toni-Micelle Willians: Stop Killing Balck Trans Women

March 3, 2017; hour 1

March 25th, hour 2

Diane Goldstein on Law Enforcement; Marisa Dodson on Probatin Bill; Diane Ravert on normal pot

March 25, 2017; hour 2

Marcg 18th, hour 1

Larry Pellegrini's "Lobby Watch"; Covering th sick ala Trump

March 18, 2017 hour 1

March 18th, hour 2

Guy McPherson on abrupt climate cahnges

March 18, 2017; hour 2

March 11th; hour 1

Homeless in America and Atlanta

March 11, 2017; hour 1

March 11th; hour 2

GA Republicans push for anti-protest law

March 11, 2017; hour 2

March 4th, hour1

Carolyn Baker navigates Trumpisms

March 4, 2017; hour 1

March 4th, hour 2

Bernie Sanders reponds to Thrump's speech to Congress; Tom Perez as new Democratic Party head

March 4, 2017; hour 2

Feb. 25, 2017; hour 1

Kwanza Hall, Atlana city Council onthe police

February 25, 2017; hour 1

Feb. 25, 2017; hour 2

Baba Brinkman: Pappers' Gudie to Clinmate Change

February 25, 2017; hour 2

Feb. 18th, hour 1

Solutions, not punishment: Toni-Michelle Williams and James Bell

February 18, 2017; hour 1

Feb. 18th, hour 2

National Guard to inforce emigration!?

February 18, 2017; hour 2

Feb. 4th, hour 1


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